The University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) has over 5,000 alumni in the Silicon Valley area of the United States, with a wealth of talent hidden amongst them, spread across various industries in Silicon Valley. These alumni range from high-tech startups to large publicly traded companies, from professors at Stanford and UC Berkeley to executives at major corporations, and from chip materials to artificial intelligence, from computer internet to biomedicine. The USTC (USA) Silicon Valley Alumni Association is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit alumni organization. Since its establishment, we have upheld the principles of uniting alumni and serving alumni, hosting various alumni knowledge exchange and experience-sharing activities, including career development, alumni socializing, and social welfare activities. Regarding high-tech and entrepreneurial activities, we closely follow the forefront of technology. We have held several offline technology summits and innovation and entrepreneurship forums in Silicon Valley, with attendances reaching up to 500 people. This includes the 2017 USTC Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum, jointly organized with the directives of the Provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin and the provincial government, and received broad participation and positive feedback. After years of operation, the Silicon Valley Alumni Association has established good cooperative relationships with important organizations in the Silicon Valley area. We are also actively involved in talent pool building for USTC and Anhui Province, recommending Anhui Province and Hefei City's investment and talent attraction policies to entrepreneurs and alumni in Silicon Valley. We have also hosted visits from the Provincial Party Secretary of Anhui Province, leaders of Hefei City, and leaders of the University of Science and Technology of China in Silicon Valley, United States.

As the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) Silicon Valley Alumni Association, we have a wide social network and years of experience in activities in the Silicon Valley area. We have established solid cooperation relationships with numerous alumni organizations, investors, and institutions. The Silicon Valley Alumni Entrepreneurship Platform led by the USTC (USA) Silicon Valley Alumni Association has collected over 100 entrepreneurial projects in Silicon Valley and around the world. We have co-hosted multiple online and offline roadshow events with the USTC Silicon Valley Service Company and the USTC Silicon Valley Global Alumni Affairs Department. The RMB and USD fund roadshow platforms hold one event each month, with over 40 investment institutions participating in the RMB roadshow and over 30 investment institutions participating in the USD fund roadshow. We will continue to explore more collaborative models and strive to fully convert the "exchange" of roadshows into "docking." At the same time, we actively leverage platform advantages to establish regular communication mechanisms with domestic excellent venture capital institutions, jointly build long-term cooperation mechanisms, and better serve global alumni entrepreneurship.

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